Psychedelic Tattoos
Cracker Jack's psychedelic tattoos  
When I was in elementary school here in Austin there was an LSD transfer tattoo scare rumor promoted within local schools. The note circulated to parents informed them of recent incidences of "lick and stick" style sticker/transfer tattoos that were being given to children by unsavory drug dealer types. 

I am regularly reminded of it every year when the meme for this bit of folklore comes my way via word of mouth, as well as urban legend / folklore tracker newsletters like the ISCLR and its FOAFtale news site, the Hisarlik Press FOAFtale news site, the Harvard FolkMyth site, and AFU & Urban Legends Archive. 

Imagine my surprise, when I discover the TOY SURPRISE in my box of cracker jacks is a "Scooby-Doo Psychedelic Tattoo!" I contacted Phil Hiscock of FOAFtale news who gave me the web address for a Connecticut Hospital plagued by the fallout from a hoaxed document circulated referencing their medical facility. This Blue Star hoax sounds very similar to the note I described from my childhood. 

Synchronisticly, this is the very same hospital which treated my GrandFather Dr. James Ramey before he passed away. 

Phil Hiscock, editor of FOAFtale News 

    Thanks for the crackerjacks transfers news. It's interesting that they'd try to ride on such a notorious rumour! 

    You might look at a couple of back issues of FoafTale News if you have them at hand for some on-going reports of the LSD-transfer rumour. If you don't, then check out the site in the following except from #40/41 
    (early in 1997). 

Danbury Hospital and Blue Star Tattoo 
    One of the most common attributions of the Blue Star Tattoo warning is to a "Danbury Hospital" and sometimes to the "Chemical Dependency Unit" of that hospital. (See, for example, FTN 38: 9; 39: 10.) Danbury Health Systems of Danbury, Connecticut, in the United 
    States, has large web site and part of it is devoted to the debunking of the warning. It includes the text of a press release the hospital issued in September 1993. The site address is: 

note the new address is: 


    elfis issue 7